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Clock Day!?!? My Time to shine BIATCH!

Posted by Ryan-Smith - August 15th, 2007

PTFA Guy Hates Clock Day 3 is in the portal now! Check it out!

I'm still working on another flash though, I'm looking for a girl to do one line so I can quickly finish it and get it out today.

Like I've said in the past, as long as there's a clock day, I'll be here to bitch about it in the form of a cartoon.


All you need is a little <3 and some {{{}}} Every thing is gonna be ok. Vote fifen on the movies today. Don't worry, be Clocky. Happy Clock Day!

Is {{{}}} a vagina?!

No it is a hug {{{Ryan}}}

Oh, I like hugs....and vagina.

Me too. I gotta comment on your page since no one is commenting on mine right above yours.

Well thats cool, so do you make clock movies or did you just make one for today?

I actually haven't made any flash in 4 and a half years. But I have about half and half Clock flash to non clock flash. But I am a clock FrankClock to be exact. I am not creative enough to come up with any thing better lol.

Ha, damn, how'd you stay away so long if you could do it? I only make like 3 flashes a year now a days but I just get sort of a craving to do it or I have such a great I have to make something.

Overload of work schedule. From 2003 to June of this year I basically had no life. Wake up, go to work, get home go to sleep, repeat.

I hate clocks too man! But I love vaginas.

For christs sake.. you may not get when people tell you that you take cc and ll flashes a little tooooo srsly. man. i'm a lock, i do not spam ng at all.

i don't hate newgrounds at all. why spam when you can make good flashes?
spamming is fun somethimes. when ng people get mad.
but it's not my life. your pffa guy flashes makes me laugh somethimes.
and i'm even a lock! oh lol..

you shouldn't hate good lock/clock animators who actually put effort in their flashes. that's dumb.

u can dislike us a little. but hate us is going too far.

pffft, thanks to the clockday, you will get some extra views+some extra reviews in your movies...
but i guess you will never thank the CC for that, right? ;)

anyway, try to become a more fair person, and judge/vote acording to a movie's quality, NOT according to your own personal prejudice against a specific group.

with that being said, indeed, its ''your own time to shine'', thanks to clockcrew's fame...
you're welcome, kid.

bottom line:
i guess its like hungarian lock wisely said:

''you shouldn't hate good lock/clock animators who actually put effort in their flashes. that's dumb.

you can dislike them a little. but hating them is going too far.''

wise words.